Need Brake Replacement, Repair or Maintenance Services?

Need Brake Replacement, Repair or Maintenance Services?

Hit the brakes in front of our shop in Stanfordville, NY

You should be able to drive with confidence, knowing that your brakes will work whenever you hit them. That's why Johnny's Auto Repair Inc. offers top-notch brake replacement, repair and maintenance services in Stanfordville, NY. We have the necessary equipment to get your brakes back in top shape, including quality rotors and pads.

Rest assured that your brakes will continue working properly by scheduling maintenance, repair or replacement services at our brake shop.

Know the warning signs that you need new brakes

There are a few ways to tell if it's time to repair or replace your brakes. For example, you should stop by our brake shop ASAP when you:

  • Feel your vehicle shake when you brake
  • Hear loud grinding noises when you stop
  • Notice that stopping your vehicle takes longer

Have you noticed any of these red flags? If so, call 845-677-0262 today to schedule affordable brake replacement or repair services in Stanfordville, NY.